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Steve Casa, Workplace Learning Coordinator at Ulster BOCES

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For many years the private sector and education sector seemed disconnected – two silos interacting only occasionally and rarely cooperatively.  There have been, however, individuals who have been able to break out of those silos, who have created opportunities and programs for businesses and educators to work together with common purpose, that purpose being the betterment of young people.  One such person is Steve Casa, Workplace Learning Coordinator at Ulster BOCES.

In this episode Council of Industry President Harold King speaks with Steve Casa, Workplace Learning Coordinator at Ulster BOCES.

Steve has worn many hats through the years. He began his career in finance but quickly realized he was more interested in helping young people to grow and learn so he turned to a career in education. Working for the National Career Academy Coalition he traveled the nation building public private partnerships to enhance the learning experiences of high school students. In his role at Ulster BOCES he is focused on enhancing the already robust workplace learning program at the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy and building better relationships with all the industry sectors that are part of the School’s vocational education programs including construction, graphic design and culinary arts. 

Harold talks with Steve about his career path, what he’s learned working for the National Career Academy Coalition, what it takes for educators to develop individuals who are curious, independent life-long learners, and what we can take away from the remote learning that has taken place since the pandemic began.