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Few people in the world of manufacturing can boast the credentials of Sriram Vilayanoor. He holds a masters degree in industrial engineering and a bachelors in mechanical engineering. He is a certified six sigma master black belt and also has CMS certifications in ISO, IATF, AS and many more.  Sri has bought and turned around several manufacturing businesses and founded his own successful consulting business.  He is a wealth of manufacturing knowledge and experience.

In this episode Harold King speaks with Sri Vilayanoor, Founder and President of Ignition Life Solutions, a strategic planning and development consulting, auditing and training firm. Ignition’s areas of expertise span innovation & growth, operational excellence and quality management systems. They focus on firms in the automotive, aerospace/defense, medical devices, and healthcare industries.

Sri is one of the very few third-party auditors in the country with the ability to assess highly integrated management systems for clients seeking efficient and effective compliance with multiple industry standards under a single management system. Sri is also a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CSSMBB) and has a Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) from the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and is a designated third-party QMS Lead Auditor for ANAB-authenticated Certification Bodies. Harold talks with Sri about his educational and career path that took him from his native India to Buffalo NY.  They talk about his experience turning around a medical device manufacturer and his founding of Ignition.  They also talk about Ignition’s approach and philosophy to help their clients achieve their full potential.

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