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Ron Lorentzen, General Manager Bantam Tools

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When people in manufacturing think of Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) milling machines, large car-sized machines producing parts by the hundreds , or thousands, come to mind. At Bantam Tools they have scaled down the CNC mill to a desk-top size enabling the precision production of parts for prototyping, niche manufacturing and even hobbyists. 

In this episode Harold King speaks with Ron Lorentzen, General Manager at Bantam Tools about this fun, innovative and growing Hudson Valley manufacturer. Bantam Tools make desktop CNC machines with professional reliability and precision, and they do it at an affordable price. The roughly 70-pound machines are easy to set up and work right out of the box. They are clean, safe, easy to use, and are rapidly finding their way into classrooms and laboratories around the county and the world.
Harold talks with Ron about these innovative machines, how they work and who is purchasing them. They talk about the company’s growth and growth potential, its workforce and employee development programs as well as hiring successes and challenges. They also discuss his long and rich career in manufacturing and how he ended up in Peekskill with Bantam.