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Meghan Taylor: Economic Development and the Support of Advanced Manufacturing

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In this episode Harold King from the Council of Industry interviews Meghan Taylor, Vice President and Director of the Mid-Hudson Regional Council for Empire State Development Corporation.

Meghan Taylor 2019 Manufacturing Champion

Empire State Development Corporation (ESD) is New York State’s economic development agency. In 2010, under the direction of Governor Cuomo, the state was divided into 10 regions in order to better target economic development funds toward regional priorities. Each region has a Regional Economic Development Council that develops a strategic plan for the region’s growth and reviews and prioritizes projects to enact that plan. Meghan Taylor has lead the Mid-Hudson Regional Council to top performer status in 3 of the last 5 years.

In 2019 The Council of Industry named Ms. Taylor a manufacturing Champion. The award was given for her support of advanced manufacturing which she continues to make the focal point of Region’s economic development strategy.

Harold talks with Meghan about the importance of economic development, her role with ESD and the advantages of the Regional Council system. They also discuss her career path, education, and her Hudson valley roots as well as her thoughts on workforce development and the challenges and opportunities facing the Hudson Valley economy.

Since we recorded this episode Meghan has announced a career change. In what is good news for her, but sad news for the region, she will be leaving ESD in April to join Resorts World in their government relations department.

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