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Larry Ormond – Field Service Manager at JBT Corporation

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In high school, JBT’s, Larry Ormond excelled on the playing fields but struggled with academics. That changed when he joined the Navy where he consistently performed at the top of his class and found his calling as a Fire Controlman. Today, Larry has brought that experience and his 11 years in the Navy to JBT where he leads a global team of sales technicians from his location in Kingston.

In this episode Harold King speaks with Larry Ormond, Field Service Manager at JBT Corporation.

In Kingston, JBT is a manufacturer of food processing and packaging equipment. Their products are used around the world by many familiar brands such as Hormel, Kraft and Boars Head.

Harold talks with Larry about JBT and the products they manufacture. They talk about Larry’s career path including his stint in the Navy and his growth within JBT, moving from technician to Leading Global Team. They also talk about the company’s rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic, what Larry looks for in an employee, and about his participation in the Council of Industry’s Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership program.

We hope you enjoy meeting Larry.