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Kevin Brewster, President of Brewster Machinery

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No two careers in manufacturing are the same.  In the case of Kevin Brewster, President of Brewster Machinery a start in a small machine shop in Connecticut has led him on a path to owning his own used equipment auction and Appraisal business.  A journey that has given him insights into the many issues facing manufacturer from workforce development to international competition tax policy and more.  

In this episode Harold King speaks with Kevin Brewster, President of Brewster Machinery.

Brewster Machinery Sales has a large inventory of quality used metalworking, plastic, fabrication machinery and inspection machines, including late-model presses and CNC metalworking equipment. They strive to provide their customers with the machines they need to make their businesses a success without breaking the budget. “According to Kevin, “A company is only as good as the promises it keeps.”

Harold talks with Kevin about the used machinery business as well as his project management and appraisal work.   They also discuss Kevin’s deep-rooted passion and commitment to manufacturing and manufacturing workforce development.