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Kathleen Hochul, New York State Lieutenant Governor

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Few elected officials understand and appreciate manufacturers as much as New York State’s Lt. Governor Kathleen Hochul. Born and raised in Western New York she saw many families, including her own, grow prosperous by working in the steel and auto plants in the region. Now, as Lt. Governor she oversees the State’s Economic Development programs through the Regional Economic Development Councils and emphasizes the importance of manufacturing to New York’s economy.

In this episode Harold King speaks with New York State Lt. Governor Kathleen Hochul.

Lieutenant Governor Hochul chairs the 10 Regional Economic Development Councils that have transformed the State’s economy by building upon regional strengths through long-term strategic plans and will be critical to our post pandemic recovery.  The councils include leaders from academia, business, labor and not-for-profits and, to date, have invested over $6.1 billion into more than 7,300 projects across the State. The Lieutenant Governor also chairs the State Workforce Investment Board, which addresses the number one concern of businesses – the lack of skilled workers.

Harold talks with the Lt. Governor about how she came to appreciate manufacturing and recognize its economic significance, the challenges we face rebuilding the economy in a COVID-19 world, apprenticeship, workforce development, business climate and more.

We hope you enjoy.