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Jason Giordano, Managing Partner JGS CPA

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Partnering with a good accounting firm is important for any small business, but it is essential for a manufacturing firm. Accountants do more than tax filing. They can take a comprehensive assessment of your finances and create a forecast through the year to keep your business at a healthy, prosperous state. They can deliver informed advice on tax planning, strategic planning, and succession planning among many other business decisions. Since 1932 JGS has been that partner to many Hudson valley businesses.

In this episode Harold King speaks with Jason Giordano, Managing Partner at JGS CPA about the accounting industry, the role of the CPA, and the many financial and strategic issues facing the manufacturing sector.

JGS accountants are business professionals offering a full spectrum of audit, tax consulting services necessary to address a broad range of financial issues. They are problem solvers using years of industry expertise to apply effective solutions to real world problems. Their mission is one of strong commitment to our clients, their businesses and helping clients be competitive in their industries.