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A conversation with Rick White Former Congressman, President of TechNet, Principal at the Woodbay Group and member of the  alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board .

Harold King talks with Former Congressman, alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board member, President of TechNet and Principal at the Woodbay Group Rick White about his time in Congress during the late 1990’s, the evolution of the tech industry since that time and the proper role of government to promote innovation and growth in the sector.

In this episode Harold King speaks with former Congressman, alliantgroup Strategic Advisory Board, President of TechNet and Principal at the Woodbay Group Rick White.   Representing the First District of Washington State as Congressman, White became well known as one of Congress’s most active legislators on high tech issues.

After serving in Congress, White transitioned to international law firm, Perkins Coie, where he worked in the firm’s Electronic Commerce and Internet Law practice section. He also served as the CEO of TechNet from 2001 to 2005 where he advocated for technology companies, then moved on to serve as founder and CEO of several tech-oriented startup companies. He is currently Principal at the Woodbay Group, a consulting and investment firm in Seattle. He is also a member of the Strategic Advisory Board for AlliantGroup, a firm specializing in helping companies maximize their R&D tax credits.

Harold and Rick talk about his time in congress, the evolution of the tech industry, the proper role for government in innovation and growth, and the challenges of building a technology savvy workforce.  They also talk about the priorities of the incoming administration and the current state of the tech industry.