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Dr. Kristine Young, President of SUNY Orange

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The Community Colleges in the Mid-Hudson Region are at the forefront of education and workforce development. Perhaps no public institutions anywhere are more effective at changing lives for the better than are our community colleges. SUNY Orange is no exception, and under the leadership of Dr. Young the college has become and even more effective institution.

In this episode Harold King speaks with Dr. Kristine Young, President of SUNY Orange (Orange Community College).

SUNY Orange was founded in 1950 as the first county-sponsored community college in the State University of New York system.) SUNY Orange has touched the lives of countless numbers of the county’s 350,000 residents through its credit programs, non-credit programming and cultural events. The college has earned its reputation as a pioneer and innovator in meeting the needs of its students and the community it primarily serves. SUNY Orange was the first two-year college in the nation to offer the associate degree nursing program and studies in electron microscopy; and in 1982, the college was the first community college to plan and co-sponsor with local chambers of commerce and the Council of Industry a business institute.

Harold and Kris talk about the challenges of closing the College’s two campuses and switching to remote learning as well as some of the opportunities that presents;  the resiliency of the college’s staff and students;  the vital role Community Colleges play in society; the impending budget crisis; and the role the college will play in workforce development and education in a post COVID world.

We hope you enjoy meeting Dr. Young.