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Alethea Shuman, VP of Sales and Engineering for Usheco, Inc.

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Johnnieanne Hansen chats with Alethea Shuman, VP of Sales and Engineering for Usheco, Inc. a small, family owned plastics manufacturer located in Ulster County.

In this episode Johnnieanne Hansen speaks with Alethea Shuman, Usheco, Inc.

Usheco, Inc. has over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of custom plastic parts. From mold design and fabrication to injection molding, thermoforming and die cutting Usheco does pretty much everything related to plastic parts manufacturing. The family owned small business is proud to be manufacturing parts and products in Kingston, NY.

Johnnieanne and Alethea talk about the challenges of being a small, family owned business – particularly in the time of COVID 19. Alethea talks about how the company was able to rapidly shift to making face shields and plastic barriers to help essential workers stay safe and why the company’s small size is both an advantage and a challenge. She talks about learning from her grandfather, keeping her workforce safe, and making products that make a difference in the world.


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