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What To Do About Millennials & Generation Z in the Manufacturing Workplace

Guest blogger Skip Weisman, President and Owner of Creating Your Championship Company, discusses some of the many advantages of having Millennials and Generation Z enter the workforce. Find out more in this post.

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Create Your Championship Company Culture By Modeling a World Series Champion

Guest blogger Skip Weisman offers advice on how to create a Championship Company Culture that will achieve high-performance resultsFind out some of his tips and tricks inside.

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How to Attract Veterans

Guest blogger Michaela Ryan discusses a new method of attracting experienced workers through the use of Military Occupational Specialty codes (MOS codes). To find out what MOS codes are and how they can help you attract skilled veterans to your open positions read more in this post.

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Eric Armenat and Mike McQueeney on Corporate Turnarounds

Guest Bloggers Noa Simons and Luke Stangel from Upstate Capital Association of New York discuss Eric Armenat and Mike McQueeney's hands on approach to corporate turnarounds. Read more in this post. 

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Tomorrow’s Technology and Skill Sets: A Perpetual State of Flux

Guest Blogger Elisha Tropper, CEO of Cambridge Security Seals, discusses the imminent Fourth Industrial Revolution and its potential impacts on the manufacturing industry and workforce. Read more in this post.

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A Value Proposition with an Altruistic Twist

Guest blogger Stephen Casa discusses the importance of getting students enrolled in local BOCES programs, and further elaborates on what these programs offer. Learn more in this post.

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There’s Gold in the Hills of the Hudson Valley

As I travel around the Hudson Valley meeting with various leaders in industry, I hear the same concern: “We can’t find enough qualified employees to fill the positions that are being left vacant by retirement, innovation, etc.” This is where a value added strategy can benefit employers: developing collaborative partnerships with education.

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How Construction Points to a Strong Hudson Valley Economy

By Guest Blogger Amy Greiner

Good news! Economic activity in the lower Hudson Valley continues to flourish and move solidly forward. New multi-family buildings, medical, biotechnology and healthcare projects remain as the primary market-drivers, helping the spur a rate of construction in the region that’s not only out-pacing other industries, but also affecting them.

A look at multi-family construction  

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