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Can Industrial Computing Change Manufacturing’s Public Perception?

That’s what Daniel Waldron Head of Content at Armagard ( ) is proposing on Waldron argues that Industrial Computing will demonstrate how modern the industry has become and thus lay to rest the doubts many people (parents especially) have about the industry.

‘Manufacturing’, a dirty word for most parents. However, as hard as it may be to believe, Mom and Dad have more influence than they know when it comes to children making a career choice. With that in mind, here’s how industrial computing can change the parent perception of manufacturing on the manufacturing floor…

… But first, we appeal to parents. Manufacturing has changed, the days of filthy factory floors and risky, repetitive jobs are over. Manufacturing needs your help to get young people excited about a career in this illustrious industry. You can start by encouraging your child(ren) to consider studying STEM subjects at school, college or university.

There’s no denying that manufacturing has an image problem, but industrial computing is cleaning up that image. Manufacturers… heed the call, if you want parent perception of manufacturing to change, you need to be prepared to invest in industrial computing.

Parents perceive manufacturing to be tedious, monotonous and soul-destroying. Add to that the belief that it requires very little skill and is unrewarding, you can understand why Mum and Dad dissuade their children from a manufacturing career. How on earth can industrial computing challenge these views?