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Building IIoT Framework

Post: May. 30, 2017

Everybody in the industry seems to be talking about the Industrial Internet of Things, but what exactly it will look like when it makes the leap from speculation and becomes a larger part of industrial life is still up in the air. Writing in Baseline Magazine, Samuel Greengard lays out his own ideas about what the basic framework should be like:

As the IoT moves from the periphery to the center of an enterprise undergoing a digital transformation, that organization must first determine where the opportunities lie and how the enterprise can take advantage of them. This requires a different mindset and a different approach than in times past. A starting point is to understand that business and IT leaders must work in new, more collaborative ways to identify where value exists. IT must support the endeavor with an agile, flexible IT infrastructure that, among other things, taps clouds, mobility, APIs, artificial intelligence (AI), real-time connectivity and advanced analytics.

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