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Post: Aug. 9, 2016

rural electricity

If you’re reading this blog post then you probably are so used to your high speed broadband internet that you take it for granted. While to most Americans easy internet access has become as common as indoor plumbing, there is still a significant number of Americans in remote and rural areas who have been slow to catch up. The main reason for this is that because these people live so out of the way in scarcely populated areas, there just isn’t a strong enough profit incentive for the usual internet providers to make a significant push in the area. But with internet access becoming as essential as electricity many local communities, and the FCC, are taking a page out of New Deal era efforts to bring rural areas onto the electric grid, and sometimes even using the same laws. With government grants and community owned co-ops in place of traditional providers high speed internet is coming to more Americans, bringing our country further into the 21st century. Read more about these efforts.