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Bringing Maintenance and Repairs into the Era of Cloud Technology

Post: Jan. 23, 2019


CloudVist, a local business located in Putnam County, recently launched a new software that has the potential to transform the way we preform maintenance, repairs and inspections. This new software, CloudVisit Inspection Software, brings these processes into the era of cloud technology by allowing everything to be done remotely. CloudVisit is a custom video conference application that “maximizes the efficiency of the quality control process by allowing the inspection and documentation of completed work on distant jobsites without leaving the office.”

CloudVisit software provides remote MRO across many industries including transportation, construction, aviation, energy, telecom, telehealth and more. Recently the technology has been instrumental in the quality assurance of windfarm installation and maintenance. Windpower is growing in demand, and expected to expand up to 6 percent by 2023. The United States is planning more than 25 major wind projects, with a large majority in the Northeast.

CloudVist’s technology can provide important efficiencies during the installation of wind turbines. The software can be used to “quickly train technicians and experts, reduce installation time and costs, and decrease inspection time.” By pairing the software with third-party devices such as drones it eliminates the time and cost of mounting technicians with ropes and harnesses for maintenance and inspection. The drones can now take screen captures in minutes, which are achieved in the cloud for safety and quality control records, and can be shared with project management. This process decreases the amount of machinery required, increases turnaround time for repairs and is much safer.

The amount of uses possible for this type of software seem endless. CloudVisit has already made strides in the energy and aviation industries, and there is no doubt that this technology could have many benefits across the manufacturing industry.

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