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COVID 19 Update 81

Lowest Deaths and Hospitalizations Since March 15th – State to Accelerate Reopening

In Saturday’s Press conference Governor Cuomo announced that all of the public health data the State has been tracking is coming in very good, therefore the State is accelerating reopening. The State performed 60,435 tests yesterday which resulted in 781 positives cases – around 1% – the lowest level since March 16th.  The Mid-Hudson region is on track to enter phase two on Tuesday  

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COVID 19 Update 80

Regional Monitoring Groups Looking for “Hot Spots”  to “Tamp Down”

Each region of the state has a panel of community members and state officials tasked with monitoring the spread of the coronavirus in their region. They follow key metrics and are looking for “hot spots” or places where mini-outbreaks are occuring.  The hope is to catch and “tamp down” these hot spots before they become widespread. should your business become connected to  

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COVID Update 79

Cuomo Confirms the Hudson Valley Region Will Enter Phase 2 on Tuesday, June 9th

At his daily press briefing yesterday Governor Cuomo said that The Mid-Hudson region is on track to enter phase two next Tuesday (6/9) and Long Island is on track to enter phase two next Wednesday (6/10). New York City will begin phase one on Monday (6/8). He added that since the public health data has been good the State is allowing restaurants and taverns in the seven regions currently in  

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CI Newsletter – State Legislature Passes Package of COVID-19 Bills

State Legislature Passes Package of COVID-19 Bills

New York state legislators returned to session late May to pass a series of COVID-19 related bills. Many of the lawmakers voted remotely by video conference, approving measures that establish a state disaster emergency loan program, extend the state’s price gouging law, and exempt school districts from losing state aid due to school closures because of local or state of emergencies, among  

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COVID 19 Update 78

Governor Cuomo Announces Outdoor Dining at Restaurants Will Be Permitted in Phase Two Of Reopening

At Wednesday’s briefing the Governor made the protests and social unrest across the State and Nation in response to the death of George Floyd the focus of his remarks.  Also at the briefing he announced outdoor dining at restaurants will be permitted in phase two of reopening. Restaurants in the seven regions that have already entered phase two – the Capital Region, Central New York,  

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COVID 19 Update 77

Reopening Update

The Western NY region moved to phase two of reopening yesterday. The Capital District region will move to phase two today.  The Mid-Hudson is on track for phase 2 next week. Phase two industries include offices, real estate, essential and phase two in-store retail, vehicle sales and rentals, retail rental, repair and cleaning, hair salons and barbershops, and commercial building management. Dentists  

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COVID 19 Update 76

Cases, Hospitalizations, Deaths All Decline, Other Issues Take Center Stage

With new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths all steadily declining the Governor again turned his attention to the protests and civil unrest surrounding the Floyd George incident and spent the bulk of  his press briefing discussing it. 

The Western NY region is expected to move to phase two of reopening tomorrow. The public health data is currently being reviewed by global experts to make sure  

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COVID 19 Update 75

Phase Two Reopening On Track – COVID Takes A Back Seat to George Floyd Protests

Saturday, five regions began phase two of reopening: Finger Lakes, Central New York, Mohawk Valley, North Country and Southern Tier. The industries allowed to reopen as a part of phase two include all office-based jobs, real estate services and certain retail. There are limits and specific guidelines that must be adhered to.

The Capital Region and Western New York are eligible to begin phase two  

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COVID19 Update74

Cuomo: 5 Regions Ready for Phase Two Today, NYC Phase One June 8th  

In Friday,s press conference Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that, based upon review of the data collected over the past two weeks, five regions may begin phase two today: Finger Lakes, Central New York, Mohawk Valley, North Country and Southern Tier.  New York City is on track to meet all of the metrics and they are expected to begin phase one on June 8th. This should bring about 400,000  

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COVID 19 Update 73

The Governor Has Released Executive Order 202.34 Allowing Businesses to Deny Entry or Service to Individuals Not Wearing Face Coverings

Through June 27, 2020, the Order allows any business operator or owner the discretion to enforce a previous directive which requires any individual over age two, and able to medically tolerate a face-covering, be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when in a public place, including the right to deny entry to those not wearing a mask. It also does not prohibit  

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COVID 19 Update 72

Cuomo Describes Productive Discussion with Trump on Infrastructure

Speaking to reporters at a news conference in Washington, D.C., Cuomo described his conversation with Trump as productive and said the president is considering his appeal to the federal government to help fast-track infrastructure projects in New York, which is among the states hardest hit by the novel coronavirus.

“It was a good discussion, he understood what we were talking about, understood  

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COVID 19 Update 71

Cuomo: Regional Monitoring Key To Keeping the Reopening On Track 

In regions that have started to reopen, the State is taking a two-track approach to make sure progress continues.

  1. Monitor the Reopening: The Regional Control rooms will closely monitor any new infections and aggressively trace contacts to make sure the infection rate stays low.
  2. “Supercharge Reopening”: Make sure economic recovery affects everyone – not just those at the top of the economy. The government can stimulate the economy by investing in infrastructure and creating new public projects. 

The State will fast-track the Penn Station and LaGuardia airport infrastructure projects to create jobs and improve transportation hubs. These projects have already generated thousands of jobs and will continue to benefit the economy. The Governor asked for federal assistance to also  

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COVID 19 Update 70

Mid-Hudson Opening Day Today – Phase 1

We are pleased that all our members can open for business today.  In our minds you are all essential.  We are reprinting Sunday’s post regarding what this means for all manufacturers in the region and what need to do to reopen at full capacity.

FROM SUNDAY’s POST: Mid-Hudson Region Will Begin Phase 1 Reopening Tuesday May 26th

During Saturday’s Press Conference Governor Cuomo announced that The Mid-Hudson region has met the criteria in the decline in the number of deaths.  

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COVID 19 Update 69

Mid-Hudson Region Will Begin Phase 1 Reopening Tuesday May 26th

During Saturday’s Press Conference Governor Cuomo announced that The Mid-Hudson region has met the criteria in the decline in the number of deaths. Contact tracers will be trained over this weekend and the Mid-Hudson region will open on Tuesday. The Hudson Valley region includes Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester counties.


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COVID 19 Update 68

Mid- Hudson Region Getting Closer, Construction Can Begin “Staging”

In Friday’s press conference Governor Andrew Cuomo said if deaths continue to decline and contact tracing increases, the Long Island and Mid-Hudson regions will be eligible to begin phase one of reopening next week. Currently, Long Island has met four of the seven metrics and the Mid-Hudson region has met five of the seven metrics. The State is projecting both regions will meet the remaining  

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COVID 19 Update 67

Governor Cuomo Urges New Yorkers to Contact the State if They Observe Businesses Not Adhering to Social Distancing Guidelines

In his press conference today Governor Cuomo urged all New Yorkers to contact State officials if they observe businesses not following social distancing guidelines and procedures.  The Governor also announced a “hot line” for employees to call if thier believe their employer is not following PPE, hygiene and social distancing guidelines.

Our understanding is that all enforcement of reopening  

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COVID 19 Update 66

Mid Hudson Region Inching Closer To Meeting Reopening Metrics

The Mid Hudson is at 5 of 7 Metrics and very close to the sixth.  Visit the dashboard here.

While the Mid-Hudson region has NOT yet met the criteria to begin phase 1 of reopening, all businesses, including essential businesses, must develop a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan.  This plan does not need to be submitted to a state agency for approval but must be retained on  

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COVID 19 Update 65

Seventh Region Ready for Phase One Reopening

The Capital Region has now met the seven public health metrics needed to begin phase one of reopening. The Capital region will able to reopen starting tomorrow, May, 19. The Long Island region has met five of the seven metrics, the Mid-Hudson region has met four of seven, and the New York City region has met three of seven. All other regions are authorized to begin phase one of reopening. 


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COVID 19 Update 64

Cuomo: Western New York Phase One Industries Can Open Today

The Western New York region has now hit all seven metrics needed to begin phase one of reopening the economy. Phase one businesses in Western New York are eligible to reopen tomorrow, May 19, 2020.

The Governor has said that there will be two weeks between phases as a general rule, but if the data indicates a region can move faster or slower, they can adjust the timeline.

The Governor is advising  

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COVID 19 Update 63

Governor Cuomo Expands Testing Eligibility To Phase One Employees Returning to Work – Encourages New Yorkers to Visit a New Website to Find a Nearby Testing Site

On Sunday the Governor Announced that Western New York and the Capital Region have met 6 of 7 metrics but are still behind on testing and tracing capacity. The Governor acknowledge this is an administrative function, and that the State will be working with both regions to increase the number of tracers. He indicated that both of these regions should meet all seven of the metrics this week at which  

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COVID Update 62

NY on PAUSE Extended to May 28 for Regions Not Allowed to Reopen Yesterday.

Five regions have met the public health metrics required to reopen; North Country, Central New York, Mohawk Valley, Finger Lakes, and Southern Tier. If any of the regions that have not met the metrics are able to meet all seven, they will immediately be eligible for reopening.

We therefore encourage all manufacturers in the Mid-Hudson Region – whether currently operating as essential or not  

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COVID 19 Update 61

Cuomo: Central NY Region Meets Guidelines Will Reopen Tomorrow Along with Finger Lakes, North Country and Mohawk Valley

Governor Cuomo announced that the Central New York region has now met the seven necessary metrics to reopen phase one industries tomorrow. As announced earlier this week the Southern Tier, Mohawk Valley, North Country, and Finger Lakes regions have also met these metrics. According to the dashboard the Mid-Hudson Region is 10 days away at earliest.

Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa added that  

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COVID 19 Update 60

Phase One Opening Guidelines Published on NY Forward Site

The Governor’s office has released guidelines and business safety templates for industries that will be allowed to begin reopening in phase one. As of tomorrow, Friday, May 15th, select industries in regions of the state that have met seven public health metrics will be allowed to start reopening. Below is a link to a list of industries that will be allowed to open in these regions during phase  

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COVID 19 Update 59

More Details Added to Reopening Plan

The State has published a somewhat detailed reopening plan, called NY Forward, that opens businesses by regions in phases starting this Friday, May 15th. The list of businesses that will be allowed to reopen in regions that have hit their metrics can be found here  

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Covid 19 Update 58

Cuomo: As of Monday (5/11) 3 Regions Are Ready to Reopen 

At his press Conference Monday Governor Cuomo reported that sectors of the economy in select regions of the State will begin to open this Friday, May 15th. Regions must meet the previously announced seven metrics to reopen. The regions that meet the metrics will be allowed to reopen in phases that will continue based on the data collected at each region’s “control room,” which will be run  

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