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COVID 19 Update 9

Empire State Development has now posted guidance intended to assist businesses in determining whether they are an essential business and steps to request such designation. 

Please click on this link to view the guidance. 

If your business falls clearly into one of the categories (as a first or second  tier supplier) listed in the guidance, no further action is needed at this time.

If your business does not fall within the categories, you must complete this form and submit it to

Should you have question you can call Harold  

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COVID 19 Update 8.2

ESD Releases Update on Essential Manufacturing 9:34 p.m.

Essential manufacturing includes:

  • food processing, including all foods and beverages
  • chemicals
  • medical equipment/instruments
  • pharmaceuticals
  • safety and sanitary products
  • telecommunications
  • microelectronics/semi-conductor
  • agriculture/farms
  • paper products

We are advised the if you are in one of these categories or are a supplier to them you are exempt from the 25% rule and you DO NOT NEED TO APPLY TO ESD.

That said you should still:

  1. Strictly enforce social distancing at your site and work diligently to keep your employees safe.
  2. Encourage employees who can to work from home.

If you are not a part of, or a supplier of, these sectors you must reduce your on site density to 25% of your total headcount.  that  

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COVID 19 Update 8.1

No Update Yet on Definition of “Essential”

ESD has not issued its definition of essential manufacturers as of 7:15.


Details on COVID-19 Paid Leave Legislation, Executive Orders as of March 19

In the evening hours of Wednesday, March 18, both the federal government and the New York State government signed into law major  

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COVID 19 Update 8

What is Essential? 

We are hearing From ESD that the order includes as ESSENTIAL:  Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Defense, Chemicals, Safety and Safety Equipment, Telecommunications, Micro-Electronics.

We are advocating for all manufacturing sectors arguing that the employee density in your facilities is already at a safe level given the square footage available. Additional virus protocols  

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COVID 19 Update 7.1

Cuomo: “no business can have more than 50 percent of their workforce report to work” Does This Include Manufacturing? We want to know too.


Latest Guidance includes the following language “Exceptions Made for Essential Services — Including Shipping Industry, Warehouses, Grocery and Food Production, Pharmacies, Media, Banks and Related Financial  

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COVID 19 Update 7

Dutchess County Coronavirus Telephone Town Hall, Tonight, 5:30 p.m.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro will host a telephone town hall this evening at 5:30 p.m., answering residents’ questions about the evolving Coronavirus pandemic, providing updates on the current situation in Dutchess, and discussing available resources.

Residents can call (845) 765-7121 to take part in the telephone  

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COVID 19 Update 5

Governor Cuomo Orders Closures

In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, Governor Andrew Cuomo today ordered all gyms, movie theaters, and casinos in the state to close at 8:00 p.m. today. Bars and restaurants must also close at 8:00 p.m. but will be open for take-out service. In addition, the Governor has asked private businesses to consider allowing employees to work from home.

This latest action  

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COVID 19 Update 4 – House passes virus response bill, NYS waives wait period for Unemployment Insurance

In an overwhelming bipartisan vote, the House passed sweeping legislation to respond to the coronavirus outbreak battering the nation. Passage expected early next week. President will sign.

The legislation includes 14 paid sick days for employees, as well as three months of paid emergency leave throughout the coronavirus crisis. Employers will be reimbursed for some of these costs through tax credits.  

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COVID 19 Update 3

County Executives Close Schools in Ulster, Orange and Dutchess Counties for 14 days.

Students in Dutchess, Ulster and Orange counties will spend the next two weeks out of school out of an “abundance of caution.”

The county executives for the three counties each announced the closures this afternoon. The schools will be closed for 14 days, beginning on Monday.


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COVID 19 Update 2

Council of Industry Members COVID 19 Survey

Here are the results of our Member Survey on the impacts of coronavirus on their businesses and what plans they are considering to deal with potential impacts. 
3/13/2020 7:58 AM EDT
 1. Is your organization holding or planning to hold informational meetings/discussions with your workforce regarding sanitary practices related  

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COVID 19 Update 1

Council Members:

Over the next few days and weeks we will be using this Blog Page to keep you updated on the impacts of COVID 19 including policy changes, cancellations, best practices and resources. We will let you know when we have updated the page via email, but check back regularly for news related to the virus and Hudson Valley Manufacturers.


NAM Survey on the Impact of the Virus  

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Meet Jacob: Apprentice at Elna Magnetics

Jacob joined the Council of Industry's registered apprentice program this past summer under the IMT trade. He told us he decided to join because, "I wanted to take on more responsibility in my career and the apprentice program seemed like a great opportunity to learn more and potentially put myself onto a better career trajectory.” Learn more inside.

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FIRST Robotics Will Hold a Regional Competition at Rockland Community College

Imagine a competition where teams of excited, technology-driven high school students compete head to head with robots they have designed, built and programmed themselves. Imagine hundreds of such teams competing in the Hudson Valley. You don’t have to imagine it – it is real and will happen this March at Rockland Community College.

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Meet Vince – Apprentice at Usheco, Inc.

Meet Vince - a Plastics Injection Molder Apprentice at Usheco, and the first apprentice in the Council of Industry’s Apprentice Program to be registered under this trade. He has many roles including Injection Molder, Operator (CNC & Thermoforming) and Technician. Learn more inside.

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Meet Barbara Reer – Director of Professional Technology Programs at SUNY Ulster

Meet Barbara Reer, the Director of Professional Technology Programs at SUNY Ulster. Reer writes grants, programs courses, seeks funding and works directly with students to build career pathways by assessing their performance and helping them find job leads. Learn more about how she's helping the Hudson Valley manufacturing workforce inside.

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Episode 2: Pine Bush High School, Integrating Education and Career Readiness at the Highest Level

The Council of Industry recently launched a podcast! In this episode Harold King from the Council of Industry interviews Aaron Hopmayer, Principal of Pine Bush High School. Link to the segment inside.

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Meet Sonja Brown – Regional Director at the Workforce Development Institute (WDI)

Meet Sonja, Regional Director at the Workforce Development Institute in Westchester and Putnam county. She works directly with employers in the area by “listening to their challenges and finding innovative solutions to help the business get through their struggles.” Find out how she's helped the Council of Industry and many of its members inside.

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Check Out the New CI Podcast and Meet Manufacturers, Educators and Influencers from around the Hudson Valley

The staff at CI already get to talk to fascinating, impactful people daily – now we can share those stories. Adding the podcast medium will help us broaden our reach and help us share insights, best practices and hopefully some laughs, with a wider audience.  Perhaps the podcast will help bring the already supportive manufacturing community even closer together.

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Manual Tools to High Tech CNC Machines: The Future of Manufacturing

For decades, the Hudson Valley has been the center of manufacturing innovation from small family owned companies to large corporations. With increasing demand and pressure from global competitors, companies big and small are looking for ways to create high quality products in the most efficient ways possible. Read more about how one manufacturing company is helping the Hudson Valley and beyond.

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Tompkins Mahopac Bank Creates Scholarship to Support Students Passionate About Manufacturing

Guest blogger, Amy Greiner writes about Tompkins Mahopac Bank's Make and Accelerate Scholarship to support Hudson Valley students who demonstrate exceptional talent, drive and a love for manufacturing. Tompkins realizes the importance of training, attracting and retaining top talent to fill the growing need for manufacturing jobs and to incentivize people to build lives in the Hudson Valley. Read more inside.

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Cambridge Security Seals Get Recognized for an Innovative Design

Ever pay much attention to that tamper evident seal that is seen on food products and clothing? While most people glance over it, a lot of research and development goes into making these products. Recently, Cambridge Security Seals, was rewarded for their hard efforts. Click to read more about this amazing accomplishment!


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Apprenticeship Obstacles – Build your own workforce

Struggling to find the skilled workforce you need to fill your open positions? The Council of Industry launched a New York State Department of Labor Sponsored Apprentice Program in 2017.In this mini-podcast Harold King and Johnnieanne Hansen discuss the obstacles of hiring experienced candidates versus building your workforce internally. Learn more inside.

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Meet Stephen Casa – Workplace Learning Coordinator at Ulster BOCES

Meet Stephen Casa, Workplace Learning Coordinator at Ulster BOCES. Casa plays an interesting role acting as the lead connector between BOCES programs and the business community. At the moment he’s playing an important part in building relationships for the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy and the Career and Technical Education Center specifically. Read more inside.

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Meet Thomas: CNC Apprentice at Usheco

Meet Thomas, CNC Apprentice and Production Operator at Usheco. “We are proud to have Tommy enrolled in the CNC Machinist Apprenticeship Program.” Said Alethea Shuman, VP of Sales and Engineering at Usheco. “Tommy embraces the challenge of learning new skill sets and we look forward to supporting and watching him expand his knowledge and expertise while applying his new skills here at Usheco.” Read more inside.

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