NBC Nightly News Reports of Skills Gap in Manufacturing

NBC Nightly News (3/8, story 4, 2:05, Williams) reported, “Even with so many Americans still unemployed, some companies, manufacturers in particular, are having trouble finding workers.” NBC (LeBeau) added, “Over the last two years American manufacturers have hired more than 400,000 workers. At the same time the number of manufacturing jobs unfilled has more than doubled to 264,000”  

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Skills Gap/Business Climate Dominated Discussions at Manufacturing Days

The fact that manufacturing is vital to the growth of the economy in New York, and to the corollary of improving the state government’s financial situation, seems to have sunk in to the legislators and administration officials who attended and participated in the Manufacturing Alliance of New York States annual Manufacturing Days March 5 and 6 in Albany. What should, and more importantly  

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Skills Gap Challenges Hudson Valley Manufacturers

The nationwide shortage of skilled workers is finally receiving some attention in the national media and it’s being talked about at times on the campaign trail by incumbents and candidates running for State Representative and Congress. Here in the Hudson Valley Council of Industry training programs are filled, and that’s a positive development but much more is needed. Recently two Hudson  

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“Stackable” Certifications Are Key to Attracting Workers to Manufactuirng

The NAM Manufacturing Institute has developed a “stackable” skills program that will make it much more attractive for people, particularly young people, to get into the field of manufacturing.

The program ends the false choice that young people must choose between a trade or college by providing a path to skill certificate – associates degree – bachelors degree – graduate  

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State Of the Union – Administrations Actions Don’t Match the Words

The NAM Press Release on the State of the Union and the Administration’s discussion of manufacturing is dead on.

Here is a sample:

“The Obama Administration must take action to put an end to the rampant overregulation and overreach by the National Labor Relations Board and the Environmental Protection Agency. We need action on comprehensive tax reform that will lower the corporate tax  

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Empire State Manufacturing Survey Points to Growth

Manufacturing in the New York region expanded in January at the fastest pace in nine months, reflecting improving orders, sales and employment.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s general economic index rose to 13.5, the highest level since April, from a revised 8.2 in December.
On a series of supplementary survey questions, 51 percent of respondents indicated that they expect their  

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Manufacturing Jobs, One Towns Story

Heard on Morning Edition

January 12, 2012 – STEVE INSKEEP, HOST:

Manufacturing employment in this country is expanding. In fact, the labor department says that in 2011, more manufacturing jobs were added than in any year since the 1990s. Still, manufacturing employment is not what it was, as will be apparent, when we look more closely in the coming days, at South Carolina, a manufacturing state  

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NPR Story Contrasts “Old” and “New” Manfuacturing

The Media is finally starting to understand not only the important role manufacturing plays in our economy, but also its high tech, high skill nature. In this article from NPR’s Morning Edition, Correspondent Adam Davidson visits Greenville South Carolina to discuss manufacturing’s past and future. Mr. Davidson was a guest at a Council of Industry Directors meeting in November of  

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Online Marketing Review for 2012

Before they decide, the go online.  Your outbound marketing touches a buyer, but before they move ahead, they do their homework. They go online to see what they find about you and your company. The reason for this is that we no longer trust advertising. Research consistently tells us ads are trusted by only 14% of those seeing them.  What people do trust is online ratings and reviews, videos  

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