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Attract Millennials to Manufacturing in 3 Easy Steps

Post: Oct. 9, 2017

SupplyChain Management Review is out with three suggestions on how to raise Millennial interest in manufacturing:

  1. Embrace mobile connectivity. Millennials came to the workforce in the age of the app. They don’t have a context for careers without speed and immediacy of the Internet and using mobile devices. For workers in this group, having to go from the production floor or warehouse to an upstairs office in order to send an email or input assembly data just doesn’t make sense. Companies need to make mobile connectivity a priority. That means investing in rugged devices, whether tablets or smartphones, as well as in their IT infrastructure and training on social platforms to receive alerts and share info across the supply chain. For finding top talent, ensure your website is mobile-responsive and job applications are mobile-accessible. Incorporate apprenticeships and/or paid internships. No one can come work for you if they don’t know that you’re there so get visible and accessible.

If you liked that then click on over to their website to read the other two