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Advocating for Manufacturers In Albany

Post: Mar. 8, 2013

Tuesdays are lobby days in Albany and during the budget process the place is especially packed with groups there to ask for support of their programs.  Inside the Legislative Office Building and the Capitol you can’t turn around without seeing a group in colorful t–shirts racing to a meeting, trying to catch one of the few elevators or just lost. Outside there are marching bands and rallies all hoping to draw attention to their program.  It seems that everybody wants more from our government.

This past Tuesday, March 5th, the Manufacturers Alliance of New York joined the fray, though there are several differences with our group and the many others that are there. One difference is that w have no t-shirts, balloons or marching bands.  A second is that we pay our own way to be there, buy our own meals and don’t need to be scripted in what we say.  A third difference – we don’t ask for any money from the state government.  All we ask is for the state take a little less of our revenues and that it make the obstacles to production and growth a little less severe.

That is right, we ask for lower taxes and smarter regulations.

Were the state to accede to our request manufacturers across the state would very likely grow thus providing them with even more revenue to pay for the things all those other groups want – including more dollars for education, libraries, healthcare and the arts.

Our message is received, and even understood by many.  Perhaps in time the legislature will see that by helping us grow they will be able to help all the people they represent.