Acting together, Council of Industry members are a powerful force for positive change.

The Council’s government relations service gives members a louder voice on legislative issues affecting their businesses. Representing over 135 firms in New York’s Hudson Valley, the organization’s staff is active on critical public policy issues, ranging from state energy programs to workers’ compensation to Medicaid.

Our public policy efforts are guided by the Council of Industry’s Public Policy Agenda (See issue priorities listed below.) We survey our members annually to determine our legislative priorities and develop this agenda. We also conduct ad-hoc surveys on important issues throughout the year, including data collection on workers’ compensation and energy costs.

The Council of Industry is a founding member of the Manufacturers Alliance of New York State, an association of like-minded organizations that support manufacturing. Together the organizations that form the Manufacturers Alliance represent nearly 600 firms in every region of the state.

For information on the Council’s government relations service, please call 845-565-1355 ext 25.


  • Reform the Workers Compensation System
  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Stop Albany Dysfunction
  • Improve the Energy Supply
  • Cut Taxes
  • Ease the Medicaid Burden
  • Increase Job Training Resources
  • Other State Issues of Interest:
  • Tort Reform
  • Incentives to Invest in New York State
  • Superfund Financing Amendments


  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Develop a National Energy Policy
  • Encourage Investment in American Manufacturing
  • Support Tort Reforms
  • Defend Fair Trade Policies
  • Other Federal Issues:
  • Research and Development
  • A Tax Policy that Enhances Economic Growth
  • Cost-cutting Reforms
  • Technology Policy- Worker and Skills Enhancing Efforts

Manufacturers Alliance

To find out more about the Council of Industry’s Manufacturing is Vital Champaign click here.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) provides this website page, where you can find information on key advocacy issues concerning manufacturers. The site will generate a draft email automatically that you can personalize or simply submit. A few dozen letters from manufactures like you may well have a significant impact on this legislative process – so your voice does count!

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