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Access: Business Solutions–A Leader in Hearing Protection Products and Disability Employment

Post: Apr. 9, 2021

Access: Business Solutions (A:BS) is a hearing protection product manufacturer and a Council of Industry member. It is a division of Access: Supports for Living, which provides social services, mental health care, drug counseling, and more, for people with various disabilities. For over 20 years, A:BS has offered product solutions–mostly for the Department of Defense–as well as small and large businesses, with an ultimate goal of bringing in revenue to support these social programs. The company manufactures safety products like electronic earplugs and headsets, eyewear, hardhats, among others. 

The company co-brands with 3M and is required to meet 3M’s quality standards in production, ensuring solutions are up to date with the highest standards. Some of the company’s most innovative solutions are the 3M Peltor™ hearing protection items. The technology includes filters that suppress high frequency noises, such as loud bangs or hammering. Voices, which are low frequency, can still be heard through the headphones. The microphones compress sound to allow for clear audio. These headsets allow for clear communication within a mile range, ideal for large construction sites or production spaces.

With changes in the future of manufacturing workplaces becoming reality, Erich Fulmer, Project Manager and Business Development at A:BS, says the company’s products can help make adapting much simpler. “If there needs to be some kind of separation at work, these products allow for communication while maintaining hearing protection,” he says. “We’re very competitive price-wise and produce high quality products. We are ISO 9001:2015 registered.”

A:BS is a part of AbilityOne, a federal program designed to help people with disabilities locate employment. Because Access: Supports for Living was started by families who wanted to have resources for family members with disabilities, it remains a company goal to provide employment for those with disabilities. Fulmer says the organization’s mission is simple: help people. “We want to help and support local businesses. Being able to support other manufacturers and members of the Council of Industry is very important to us,” he says.

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