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The Council of Industry has been the manufacturer’s association of the Hudson Valley since 1910. We are a privately funded not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to promote the success of our member firms and their employees, and through them contribute to the success of the Hudson Valley Community.

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For over 100 years The Council of Industry has been providing its members with training and development support to help their businesses grow and employees thrive. Our portfolio of offerings includes leadership training, executive development, strategy, compliance, safety, lean manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and program management, metallurgy and more.

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Workforce Development Learn More

Attracting and retaining skilled and motivated people to work for our member manufacturers is a priority for The Council of Industry. To address both the near and longer-term workforce needs of our members’ the Council of Industry has initiated a Regional Manufacturing Sector Workforce Development Strategy.  This strategy provides real time information on the workforce needs of Council members to educators, elected officials, economic development professionals and others so they can better allocate resources, encourage development of the appropriate skills and training, and build awareness about the many interesting and rewarding careers in manufacturing.

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The Council of Industry leverages its member firms and their workforce to secure discounts on important products and services for them. These include discounts on energy, placement and temporary workers, relocation services, shipping and more.

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Networking and Events Read More

The Council of Industry offers numerous networking opportunities for members in various professions to learn and share best practices. These include Environment, Health and Safety professionals, Human Resource professionals, and Senior Executives.

Throughout the year we also hold events where members and associate members are able to meet and mingle. These events provide excellent sponsorship and public relations opportunities for our members and include our Annual Luncheon & Member/Associate Member Expo, the Manufacturing Champion Award Breakfast, and our Golf Outing.

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Annual surveys of the wage, salary and benefit practices of the members are complied. These surveys provide a benchmark for member firm’s personnel policies as well as a picture of regional trends. The Council will also poll its members on various topics at any time at the request of any member.

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Public Affairs & Advocacy Read More

Since our founding in 1910, the Council of Industry has been a united and focused voice for Hudson Valley Manufactures on important issues vital to our sector. Today our member-driven advocacy efforts help guide the manufacturing agenda both in Washington and Albany, developing public policy to help manufacturers compete globally, and grow and prosper locally.

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The Council of Industry publishes a twice yearly magazine, HV Mfg. The Spring edition also serves as the Council of Industry Membership Directory listing all our Members and Associate Members along with a brief description of their products and services.

HV Mfg. features articles that both inform manufacturers of current trends in the sector (for example the latest in supply chain management and lean/six sigma) and educate the general population – most especially educators and public officials – of the vital role manufacturing plays in our region’s economy and what can be done to support the sector.

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A complete listing of our officers and directors.

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