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8 Workplace Safety Tips for the New Business Owner

Keeping your workplace safe and healthy isn’t easy, there’s simply far too many possible ways an accident can happen for prevention to ever be straightforward. Industrial Safety and Hygiene News has come out with a list of 8 ways a new business can hit the ground running. Even for older businesses these suggestions can be a good starting point for ensuring your workplace has its proper protections and procedures in order.

1) Perform a job hazard analysis

Whether you’re opening a grocery store or a mining operation, you need to have a clear understanding of on-the-job risks. That’s where the Job Hazard Analysis comes in. When trying to implement a workplace safety program, this risk analysis should be step one.

A Job Hazard Analysis isn’t just a document, it’s a process. By carefully documenting all of the known risks associated with every task performed by your workers, you can then carefully plan on the best ways to reduce these risks to your workers. The end result should be a JHA document, which according to OSHA should focus on the “relationship between the worker, the task, the tools, and the work environment.” Your Job Hazard Analysis document should not only include a list of all potential hazards, but it should also identify the training your employees will need to manage these hazards safely.

Start by creating a list of every job or duty that will be performed in your workplace. Then carefully document every likely hazard employees will face in performing those duties. This will give you an itemized list of all the necessary training you will need to provide in order to ensure the safest possible work environment.

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