Worker’s Compensation Program

The Council of Industry Board of Directors have endorsed a workers’ compensation & employer’s liability program for our membership from Applied Underwriters and The Reis Group. The program is group based but individually underwritten. Underwriting criteria is very strict and only those members most committed to a safe workplace will be able to participate. Most of our members will meet these strict criteria and we therefore believe this program will result in significant savings to those who choose to participate.

Program’s benefits include:

  • Both small and larger risks can share in the underwriting profit by controlling their losses.
  • This program IS NOT A TRUST – there is no joint & several liability amongst members.
  • There are no AUDITS as reporting follows your payroll cycle.
    There is low pricing for groups with minimal loss experience.
  • Only the claims experience which occurs during your participation in the program is pooled for your profit sharing calculation. Prior or subsequent claims experience of the group does not impact your cost.
  • The program allows for the efficient use of collateral; risk funding is paid real time based on your groups developed loss experience.
  • Based on the group’s claims experience, this program can provide immediate cash flow benefits and financial reward unlike other plans that require waiting for cumbersome retrospective or uncertain dividend calculations that can run for years beyond the policy expiration.
  • Payroll services are offered to reduce inside administrative costs to members.

Applied Underwriters® is a pioneer in the field of financial services and workers’ compensation. A member of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. they offer integrated solutions that focus on fulfilling the real needs of employers. Applied Underwriters is not only the leader in the field of integrated workers’ compensation solutions – they are the only ones in the field. With thousands of loyal customers, Applied Underwriters has consistently demonstrated that the best way to serve customers is to understand their business and their needs, and then to provide superior personalized customer support.

To learn more about the program, find out if you are eligible and receive a quote contact Harold King at (845) 565-1355,, or Paul Casciaro of the Reis Group (845-338-4656), or follow this link

Reis Insurance website

Applied Underwriters website