Eligibility and Submitting Your Resume

Only individuals who are referred by a Council of Industry member will be listed on the Council of Industry’s “For Hire” page.

To submit your resume please attach it to an email (.pdf or.doc) and send it to us at abutler@councilofindustry.org. In your e-mail be sure to include the person and member company who referred you. We will not be posting entire resumes, instead we will post the title of the job you are seeking along with a brief summary. Interested parties will request and receive your resume from us via e-mail.

Please keep in mind that we post these resumes as a courtesy and you are expected to behave responsibly toward potential employers as your behavior reflects either positively or negatively upon the member that referred you and the Council itself. We also ask that you contact us when you find employment so that we may remove your resume and make room for others. 

To view the For Hire postings click this link.