Asset Map of Hudson Valley Manufacturing

Created by Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress with financial support from SUNY Orange and in consultation with the Council of Industry, this asset map is a by-product of the development of a Mid-Hudson region manufacturing workforce sector strategy. That’s a mouthful to say but it is important in that it is an attempt to develop a regional approach to workforce development that focuses on the actual needs of employers.

The Council of Industry is working closely with educators, economic developers, elected officials and workforce development professionals throughout the Mid-Hudson to:

  • Identify needed manufacturing worker skills and coordinate with educational institutions to develop workers with those skills;
  • Target workforce development funding to meet stated needs;
  • Develop manufacturing career pathways for workers to follow and advance in the sector.

This map was developed to show our manufacturing sector workforce assets.  On it you can find,

  • Manufacturing training locations
  • Service agencies
  • Manufacturing equipment locations
  • Manufacturer locations

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asset map of Hudson Valley manufacturing

Asset Map Tutorial

The Asset Map tutorial is designed to help a new user navigate the Manufacturing Asset Map. This tutorial presents a general overview of the app, with a particular focus on the search tools.

Asset Map tutorial » (PDF document, 12 Pages.)